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All Text and Photographs Copyright © Suzanne Brandyn 2023
Author of Romance and Suspense set in remote Australia
Blurb: Pepper Creek

Desperate to cut all ties from the last four tragic years of her life, Patricia Adams changes her name and her appearance. She returns to Pepper Creek to follow through on a dream to run Shylah, her deceased parents' cattle station, and also to clear her name.

Established at Shylah, Patricia's fourteen-year-old son Luke befriends the new local police officer. When he fails to return home on time from school, Patricia finds herself face to face with an old flame, Sergeant Justin Cooper.

Justin also has a motive for returning to Pepper Creek; to run his parents' cattle property and to undertake his last assignment. As a detective sergeant familiar with crime investigation, he is assigned to uncover the truth about a fatal car accident fourteen years ago.

When Patricia discovers that Shylah belongs jointly with the Cooper property, she cannot stand her ground without exposing her identity.

Will Patricia discover what she once lost simmering under the camouflage of distorted truth?

Will Justin find what his soul yearns, or is it a childhood illusion lingering in the ashes of his burned memories?

Blurb: Raven Falls

Samantha Osborne and her three brothers strive to keep Raven Falls, a cattle property on the Northern Tablelands of NSW from being another drought-inflicted statistic.

They organise to have an irrigation system installed but when the assessor arrives Samantha is shocked to find that it's Bradley Harper, the man who faked his way into her heart and broke it in the process.

As the Osbornes' deal with encroaching cattle rustlers, an injured brother and with a near death experience, Samantha and Brad realise they cannot ignore their attraction any longer, except one thing stands in their way.

Will it be enough to send them in opposite directions or unite them until the end?

Pepper Creek
Australian Rural Romantic Suspense
Raven Falls
Australian Rural Romantic Suspense
Blurb: After Sundown

After the death of her husband, Ebony seeks sanctuary and moves to Hope Creek, a property near Whispers Gully.

When the next-door neighbour introduces himself as Tyler Hanson, he warns her to lock up after sundown. She soon discovers something horrific happened in the woolshed at Hope Creek five years ago. Worse still, whoever is responsible for the unnerving incidents about her house is now targeting her and not the community of Whispers Gully.

Detective Hanson is frustrated that a woman has turned up alone at Hope Creek. She's landed in the middle of a stake out, putting her life in danger.

When a series of disasters occur, including the burning of her house, Tyler offers his assistance and his home until she rebuilds. As they learn more about each other, he unearths feelings she didn't know existed. But she'd recently lost her husband and isn't ready to move on, or is she?

Tragedy strikes, and Tyler is driven by not only his duty but his love for Ebony. Will he have the opportunity to propose or is it too late?

After Sundown
Australian Rural Romantic Suspense


Romancing The Outback

After the death of Amber's fiancÚ, Brad, she moves from the small town of Emira to Wood Creek, to her father's cattle property on the northern tablelands of New South Wales. Two years later he passes away and she inherits the property.

With two children to provide for, she injects everything she has into Wood Creek but the drought has a way of pushing a person backwards when they least expect.

Wade Saunders, a man she once loved turns up on her doorstep and her first instinct is to slap him on the face. He disappeared from her life twelve years ago and she thinks he's responsible for Brad's death. When her property is broken into and when cattle go missing, there is much more at stake than material possessions.

Wade's had his share of problems but he needs to explain what happened the night of Brad's death, and the reason why he left the area.

When the drought breaks they are forced together which unearths a shattering truth.

Can this couple reconcile, or has enough damage been done to keep them apart forever?

Return to Emira
Australian Rural Romantic Suspense