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All Text and Photographs Copyright © Suzanne Brandyn 2023
Author of Romance and Suspense set in remote Australia


Romancing The Outback

After burying her parents in Rocky Ridge, Detective Callie Ferguson is undecided. Will she take over their property or head back to Sydney?

When approached to search for a missing child, she is reluctant, especially when she discovers her partner will be the man who abandoned her thirteen years ago.

Unfortunately, if she doesn't agree, the child may never be found, and she'll be left with a mountain of regret. When Callie receives a ransom call, she is reminded of a previous case in which she failed. She is determined not to fail this child. To hinder the operation, Blake's advances are difficult to refuse.

Blake's witnessed it in her eyes. Something horrific has happened to her and he needs to find out. When she confesses, he is shocked to learn how much of a struggle she has suffered and it's all his doing.

He is resolute. He failed her once and he will not fail her again.


After the sudden death of her husband, Ebony Ward finds herself under the impression that she and her late husband own Hidden Valley, a picturesque cattle property. However, her world is shaken when she discovers that the land is leased by an unknown owner.

Jake Kennedy, a wealthy property magnate harbours a deep desire to acquire Hidden Valley by any means necessary. Ebony's interest piques further upon uncovering the longstanding feud between Strictland and the Kennedys.

Despite Jake's undeniable attraction to Ebony, she remains resolute in her refusal to entertain any romantic involvement. However, when a devastating fire threatens to consume Hidden Valley, Ebony's determination to protect her cherished property knows no bounds. Not long after the flames are extinguished, the land is besieged by flooding rains, and Ebony is missing.

Driven by concern and perhaps something more, Jake embarks on a relentless search for her, grappling with his conflicting desires along the way. As the pieces of the puzzle slowly come together during an unexpected night of revelations, the past emerges to shed light on the present.

Will Jake persist in his attempt to acquire Hidden Valley, and will he captivate the heart of the lovely Ebony, despite the odds stacked against them?