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Author of Romance and Suspense set in remote Australia


Outback Secrets
Australian Rural
Romantic Suspense

According to rumours, Lily Noble's father drove out into the wilderness nineteen years ago to die. When bones are recently discovered near his abandoned ute, her mother informs her of the details surrounding that devastating day. Now, Lily is determined to find out what happened.

Under the alias of Abby O'Brien, she leaves her job with the police force in the city and accepts a position as a personal nurse to care for Nathaniel and Matthew Kinsley's mother.

Arriving at the cattle station, Lily thinks she has a foolproof plan until she catches the eye of the elder Kinsley brother and sparks fly.

Secrets are revealed, and the sordid past of the Nobles and Kinsleys comes to a head when Lily discovers a family she didn't know existed.

Will this news be the glue to hold her to a place she once called home, and can she learn to trust Nathaniel and accept his marriage proposal?

Outback Promises
Australian Rural
Romantic Suspense

Jordan returns to Walkers Way to follow his dream of purchasing the Walker timber mill. But Holly doesn't think her heart will survive the impact when she sets eyes on him. After all, they were childhood sweethearts, and it continued until the day he left town almost six years ago.

Holly is fearful he will discover a secret she's hidden, and avoiding him in a small town is impossible, especially with a persistent matchmaking father on the loose.

Her father and Jordan organise a contract for the sale of the mill. When Holly discovers their true intentions, she is furious. She didn't spend every Saturday working at the mill and doing the books for the last ten years for nothing. That mill was promised to her by her late grandfather.

When she wakes to find her son missing, her world crumbles. A second crime follows, and Jordan puts the mill on hold and takes on one last case before he resigns from the police force.

Despite their differences of opinion and the discovery of something he never thought possible, Jordan is now on a mission, and that is to have Holly permanently in his life.


After her husband, Peter, is killed, Maddie is left with a huge debt.

Six months later, a handsome stranger arrives at the Kelson cattle property, announcing he's the new jackaroo. She cannot send him packing as her signature is on the contract. Instead, she provides meals and accommodation in exchange for work until she can get back on her feet. As she works beside temptation, her mind is not in sync with her heart, and they share a few kisses.

James has watched out for people all his life; Maddie is no exception except he's falling in love with her. He wants to protect her, help her in any way he can, and after they share her bed, he's in two minds about revealing his true identity.

Maddie's late husband owed someone a lot of money and now they want it back. Maddie and James battle threats and unexpected attacks, but the arrival of an unwelcome visitor tears them apart.

Will they reunite after surviving so much tragedy, or will Maddie live alone with her grandfather, knowing she let true love slip through her fingers?

Outback Deception
Australian Rural
Romantic Suspense
Romancing The Outback

What happened that night at Mad Mile on the road to Red Rock?

Katie and her boyfriend head home to Red Rock after a camping weekend. Two lovers with intent to marry and live at Wide Oaks to raise children and cattle suddenly takes a wrong turn.

Who destroyed the evidence at the scene of the accident? Who is demanding money?

Katie doesn't remember the accident and William also has no memory, although Katie was behind the driver's wheel. William is transferred to Sydney and Katie is sent to Tamworth hospital. Three days later during a phone conversation William breaks off the relationship and remains in Sydney.

With a broken heart, Katie pushes herself to help her grandmother and take care of Wide Oaks the way her departed mother had. Convicted for negligent driving with a hefty fine, Katie struggles with her scars and the townsfolk accusing glares.

Thirteen years later William returns to Red Rock and Detective Johnson arrives from Sydney as discrepancies are found in the original investigation.

But someone knows what happened that night at Mad Mile and Detective Johnson is out to find answers. But will the past put a stake between William and Katie forever when they discover what really happened?

Outback Desire
Australian Rural
Romantic Suspense